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Wedgewood Knolls Condominium

Welcome to the Wedgewood Knolls Condominium web site!

Please join us at our next scheduled Board Meeting on Tuesday, August 5th at 7:30 PM in the clubhouse.  All are encouraged to attend. 

Any complaints or community issues should be reported to the management company with a copy of the complaint forwarded to the community gmail account (WedgewoodKnollsCondos@gmail.com).  It is the management company's responsibility to handle all complaints.  Please do not contact Board Members directly.  Your cooperation is greatly appreciated.

 Lawn applications will be performed this coming Tuesday, July 29th.  Details of the chemicals applied and notice can be found in the Chemical Application page of the website.

Due to the recent influx of geese the pool will be closed for the next several days to be dissinfected.  Geese droppings have caused the bacteria count of the water to be elevated above safe levels.  The pool will be reopend once the cleaning has been completed and the water test results return to normal.  The board apologies for this inconvenience and asks for your paience in this matter.  Please go to the Notice page for more information. 

 The Registration Forms for Vehicles and the Pool can be found under the Rules and Regulations Page.  Notices for Weed Treatment and Pesticides Treatment can be found under the Chemical Applications Page.


A list of the Board Members are as follows:
Rocco Russo                          - President
Evelyn Johnson                      - Vice President
William Walbroel                    - Treasurer
John Traynor                         - Secretary
Rosalie Van Dam                    - Trustee
Mary Goglia-Vitaletti              - Trustee
Mary Anne Plafcan                 - Trustee
Joel Bornstein                       - Property Manager

If you have any questions or issues that need to be addressed please contact our Property Manager, Joel Bornstein at 973-299-4444 ext-206 or by email at joelb@theprogressivecompanies.com.  When writing to our management company please copy the Board at Wedgewoodknollscondos@gmail.com.

Wedgewood Knolls Townhomes
Managed by The Progressive Companies

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